Municipalities across Nova Scotia are exploring new, more innovative ways of working together to face the numerous challenges before us. The Town of Windsor and the Municipality of the District of West Hants made a decision to ensure the future strength and viability of our communities.

Through collaboration and the creation of a new, unified regional government, we will be able to leverage our collective resources and respond to opportunities in our resident’s best interest. Together, we will be stronger. With the consolidation, our citizens will benefit from more effective decision-making in many areas including land use, infrastructure and economic development.

We have the opportunity now to create the future we want for our communities – the future our citizens deserve.

In July 2018, we passed motions agreeing to enter into negotiations to voluntarily consolidate the two municipalities. In October 2018, the Province of Nova Scotia passed legislation which will help us achieve this goal known as Bill 55. We are now working to complete the consolidation process by April 2020.

We recognize that it is crucial that residents are involved in shaping the future of the new municipality and in the consolidation process. We remain committed to keeping our residents informed from the start of this process and will continue to provide opportunities for people to participate throughout. We will be posting updates and any information on upcoming public meetings on this website.

We know change can sometimes be hard and can bring challenges but change also brings opportunities. We want the best for our citizens, communities and our region. Together, we will seize the future opportunities that consolidation offers us. As a united regional government, we will be a stronger region.



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