Windsor - West Hants (February 26, 2019) – At its February 25th meeting, the Co-ordinating Committee voted to look at scenarios for nine or 11 districts for the new Regional Municipality. Members of the Co-ordinating Committee accepted the recommendation by consulting company Stantec to look at the two scenarios.

The recommendation comes after approximately 740 residents participated in public meetings across the region, an online survey and paper surveys and is consistent with public input. The majority of participants, 61.5%, indicated their preference for a council size of 10-12 including the mayor, which aligns with the recommendation. The size of the two councils combined is currently 15.

“The recommendation is well supported by the public consultations that were conducted,” said Kevin Latimer, Chair of the Co-ordinating Committee. “Listening to what the public is telling us through these consultations is so important and I’m encouraged with the level of participation and thoughtfulness of responses.”

John Heseltine is the Stantec consultant who conducted the public consultations. He said the online response was among the best he has seen for similar boundary reviews.

Phase Two of the Governance Study will deal with Boundaries and Polling Districts, which is relevant for elections only and does not impact services or taxes.

The Boundary and Polling Districts public consultations will kick off on March 5 with the first of a series of public meetings held at the Three Mile Plains Community Hall at 6 p.m. Four additional meetings will be held throughout the region and an online survey will be available. The details and full schedule for the public meetings can be found on

To support this part of the public engagement, maps outlining boundary scenarios will be posted in a number of public locations with paper copies of the survey available at either the West Hants or Windsor municipal offices. Map locations will be posted on when they are made available.



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